Tuesday, September 28, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: Take One

So I have a minor obsession with adorable, hilarious, or otherwise entertaining videos, and of course there is no better place to find such time-wasting meaningful content than YouTube. So I have decided to start a weekly installment of my favorite video finds right here on "Keeping up with the Kizziahs!"

So here we go....YouTube Tuesday #1, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On!

I just can't get enough of his little voice! Makes me want to take him home with me :)
Happy Tuesday everyone!
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  1. I can't watch this without hearing your laugh in my head. I can totally picture how you reacted to this the first time you watched it. Love you!

    By the way, Drew watched it and was mesmerized (or confused...I'm not sure).

  2. Nice choice tay.
    gah you are a ruh-tard.