Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Fun

As promised, my most recent fall decor for the house, if you can even call it that. Really I just use what I already have and with a little fall accents turn it into seasonal and fun decor.

Up first, a new candle for our kitchen table. I took an old vase that I had from when the hubs sent me flowers waaaaaay back in the day ;) Filled it with some vanilla flavored whole coffee beans, tied some ribbon around it, added a candle, and viola! A beautifully scented center piece...

Second on the list was a little hallway table decor with some inexpensive Indian corn i found at our local winn dixie. I peeled the shucks back down over the corn and tied them with some twine. Then I simply placed them in a bread basket on our hallway table. See....not really decorating, but it's the thought that counts right?

Lastly, a dining room table centerpiece that was specially designed for the hubs. Have I mentioned that Adam is insanely obsessed with likes John Deere. He started quite the impressive collection of miniature tractors pre-me, that are now resting quite nicely on our garage storage shelves. If you ask him, these are majorly important collectible items that we will one day pass on to our children, though they won't actually be able to touch them?!? Anyway, I decided that just for him I would create a little John Deere centerpiece highlighting one of his beloved toys collectibles.

So I bought a mini hay bail, a few miniature pumpkins, and rescued one of his tractors from impending dust collection from the garage. Here's how it turned out...

So there you have it....Fall decor en mi casa!

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