Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Glimpse...

Just to give you all a glimpse of a typical Adam and Taylor conversation....

Me: Honey, feel my arm. I used to have a muscle there. (Referring to my newly developed flab due to the marriage 15 that no body warns you about)

Adam: (touching my arm) You still do!

Me: Honey, don't squeeze me so hard, you hurt me.

Adam: I think you have fibro-mayalgia (sp?). Everything hurts you.

Me: I do not! You just don't know your own strength! It's like you try to squeeze me to the core and touch my bones or something!

Adam: Hooooooney....

Me: I mean seriously, you need to get used to being gentle with your delicate flower of a wife!

Adam: Hysterical Laughter!

Me: This seriously isn't funny! I am delicate!!! Why could this possibly be funny?!?

End Conversation due to uncontrollable laughter. Followed by a pout from yours truly :(

We really do love each other!!!

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