Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Grocery List Dilemma...

I don't know if it's just Adam and I that can't seem to remember anything these days, but it's true. I guess I'll just write it off as having something to do with my old age (refer to my quarter life crisis blog post)! With that being said, the only way I can manage to make a successful grocery list is to write down what I need on an ugly yellow legal pad kept on our kitchen counter at the EXACT moment we run out of said item, or it will simply not be purchased that week. Well being the tree-hugging, paper-saving, green girl that I am (totally not) I decided I could save paper by creating an easy erasable grocery list. Below is the product of my brainstorming:

I took this horrible old fish painting that hubby had during his pre-me days, which we fondly refer to as his "bach" days, and with a little white spray paint and the fantastic wonder in a bottle known as chalkboard paint, I created this lovely board for our grocery list. It hangs in our laundry room and is super easy and practical!! I think it would also be really cute with a frame spray painted a bright green or red. Any frame from Goodwill or a yard sale will do...the more detail the better!

So here is the before....

And the after.....Tah Dah!!

Not the greatest of pics, but you get the drift! So Easy and Practical!
So what do you think? How cute would this be for a little girl birthday present if it were pink? I can't wait to make more for presents!


  1. Presh. I WANT ONE. kthanks.
    love and miss you.

  2. Your Dad and I need one in every room!