Monday, September 27, 2010


So it's still 90 degrees in my humble Florida abode, but the calendar claims it is fall and thus I have begun some fall decorating in casa Kizziah.

First on the DIY design plate...a homemade wreath for our front door. I didn't want to be too "halloweeny," just more subtle fall; so I went with a heather gray, maroon, and chocolate brown color palette. I bought a Styrofoam wreath and spray painted it chocolate brown to cover up the white background. Then I purchased about 1/2 a yard of felt (way too much) in those colors and spent the next century hour or so hand rolling "rosettes" in varying sizes. Just cut the fabric in strips, fold strips in half, roll them up, hot glue to secure.  Super simple, but a little time consuming.

See the varying heights

Top view, I pushed the center's up just slightly to resemble a flower shape

*Note: if you are attempting this, the longer the fabric strip, the wider the rosette, the wider the fabric strip, the taller the rosette. The really wide strips do not work as well for a wreath*

I then hot-glued them all in varying patterns to the wreath, tied some chocolate brown and white striped ribbon to attach it, and hung it on our front door! I really like how it turned out despite dropping one of the rosettes covered in VERY hot glue onto my upper thigh by accident, resulting in a removal of one complete layer of skin and a very pitiful patient (I'm such a baby when I get hurt! Just ask the hubs....wait don't)  Needless to say,  I do not recommend this part of the tutorial!! :(

Sorry, no door's raining outside :(
More fall decorations coming up soon!!

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