Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

Since it's Friday, HALLELUJAH!! I thought I would give you all a little Kizziah round up of the highlights of yet another exciting week in our lives :)

1.  Had a successful yard sale on Saturday. We managed to make $135.75!! Woo Hoo! I was going to be so happy to make $50.00. I mean who even wants our junk anyway? Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised and super excited to have a much cleaner garage to begin my demolition projects in! He he!!

2. Learned that there are actually people, well one person, that come to yard sales, stick their hands in the back of your recliner looking for loose change, get dissapointed when they don't find anything, and return to their car without looking at any other items or saying hello?! Can you believe this!! Hilarity!!

3. Spent all of aforementioned yard sale money to complete the bedroom renovation and manged to blog about it!

4. Spent 3 hours trying to figure out how my students could record something online only to find out I needed to hit one button that I couldn't manage to see by myself :( Darn technology!!

5. Purchased this really old antique sewing table for $4.00 at a yard sale in Keystone. It's in pretty bad shape, but I can't wait to fix'er up!! Still debating the color, but I'm thinking a beautiful Apple Red...what ya think?

6. Made a DELICIOUS new pasta recipe that I will share soon, and managed to ruin perfectly good chocolate cookies :( Adam ate them anyway. He's sweet like that and pretends to like everything that I cook, despite some of its inedible nature.

7. Discovered that Key Stone actually has a Subway! Just about the most exciting day I have had in a while considering I am teaching it what some might refer to as deliverance territory and there is literally 2 stop lights in the whole town (they are proud of this).

8. Finished several projects: 2 lamp shade re-dos (coming to a blog post near you), made a chalk holder to be attached to our new chalk board, and purchased supplies for the sewing table re-do and the dining room light fixture re-do.

9. I am officially one FULL week ahead in my lesson planning and one FULL week behind in my house cleaning! Is there something wrong with this picture? Nah!

10. Adam got a long over do hair cut and looks ever so handsome again! I have really got to learn how to cut his hair. I swear it grows like a weed. I don't know how you men keep up with such maintenance. I'm a twice a year hair cut kinda girl, but that's probably also because i NEVER do my hair. One of my students actually purchased me a curling iron last year as a Christmas present hoping that I would, "do something to make my self look better!?! he he! I'm not offended! Just makes me love the crazy world of teaching even more!

11. Started an ear-wash regiment to attempt to get rid of the HORRIBLE stankness coming from our pup's ear.

12. Fell in love with the song "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars because I'm a completely dorky sap like that!! But isn't it so catchy?!?

So that's it! What did you get done this week?? Hope you have a fabulous weekend! GO DAWGS!


  1. #2 is the best thing i've heard all week.

  2. I love your blog, Taylor! It is so cute!! Love your lists and love all the fixer up stuff you're doing!! Have fun!!! Much much love!!!

  3. basically you are out of control. just sayin. i need some taylor and adam lovin in my life.. so come see me. and can i just say that A. You would be obsessed with a Bruno Mars song, because you are a dork. and B. you would end your blog with a "GO DAWGS!"
    gah i love you.
    WP. thats all im sayin.