Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Alive/ Don't let the love bugs bite?

Hello everyone out there in blog land/ my 9 faithful followers (I LOOOOVE you all!!)! I am happy to report that I am alive and well after a week of my body rebelling against being a teacher surrounded by germy kids (better known as sickness). The hubs and I have been out of commission for the past week, but I am feeling better and raring to go. On a side note this is the FOURTH September in a row where I have missed 1-7 days of work due to allergy related illness. Do you think I should be considering a different carreer option? That actually crossed my mind until today's 1st period Spanish II class occured when I was reminded why i love the adolesence of America...

Background info: I had been noticing enormous amounts of little black and orange bugs EVERYWHERE. I mean literally Shanequa's grill appears to be a bug cemetery at the current moment, not a plot left to find. On my drive home in the afternoons they literally dive into my car's windshield like kamikaze pilots. More annoying than that, apparently they are drawn to spray paint which has halted my furniture re-purposing quite a bit,  as little black dots don't go well with painted things.

Story: one of these said bugs lands on my desk this morning. I proceeded to ask the class, "What are all these little black bugs everywhere?" Can of worms OPENED! One would think I would have learned not to ask such non-educational questions as they seemingly always end up in a 20 minute off-topic tangent, but I did. So one of my straight out of the movie Clueless preppy female students responds by saying,  "They are LOVE bugs, duh! And they like "do it" in the air and stuff!" in the most California valley girl voice one could possibly make, despite the fact that we are in deliverance country Florida. I can't remember the last time I heard the word duh and the phrase "doing it" in the same sentence, but it was about all I could do not to bust out laughing at that very moment.

She was referring to when these little honeymooner flies are attached together! Hilarious! Whether or not they are "doing- it" procreating? I have NO idea. But frankly the idea of being surrounded by LOVE BUGS all day is kinda cute, despite the fact that they are destroying my clean car! Here's to hoping you have a love filled weekend! I promise to be back to blogging next week!

P.S. I realize this is my second bug posting. I am in no way interested/like/enjoy such specimens...just too good of a story to not share!!

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