Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lighten Up...

My most recent obsession interest is lighting. Weird, I know, but bare with me. I find lighting possibilities no matter where we are. I have picked up 6 yard sale/goodwill lamps for our home and just can't seem to stop. It's absolutely amazing what people will throw out without even an attempt to re-purpose. I have LOTS to show you all, but we'll start with the inspiration. This new found hobby originated from the absolute hatred I have developed for the current light fixtures in our home...

See exhibit A: hanging above our kitchen table....

And exhibit B: hanging in our dining room....

Can you actually believe someone would make such hideousness?!?!

As you can see these are absolutely, horrifyingly ugly (no offense to anyone who happens to have a fond liking of tacky 1980's bronze and glass fixtures)!!! I am still a little bit confused at how my husband, "never even noticed them" when he moved in. I mean how can you miss those shiny, off-centered, attempts to be modern and pretty, lovelies?!? So, my first project (there are many on the list) as a married woman was to determine how exactly I was going to remedy these problems on a MAJOR budget. I have dreamed of lighting such as these amazing Pottery Barn chandeliers and pendants...

 Only to be met with an incredible amount of sticker shock (as per usual with the PB). And since I am a new-found DIYer (do-it-yourself), I figured there must be a more reasonable solution to the problem. After a little blog stalking and a whole lot of brainstorming, here's what I have come up with for the kitchen fixture.

Isn't she pretty all lit up??

 Not too shabby for re-purposing a lamp shade I already had, a lot little grunt work from the hubby, and a can of spray paint! All for a grand total of....$4.00!! This couldn't be easier really. We just accidentally shattered removed the glass, found a lamp shade with a spider top, and slid right over the existing rod (which is now covered up).

I also just purchased this little baby to replace the dining room fixture for $12.00 from the Habitat Re-store. (A great place to find anything you might want to re-purpose in some way) Brass, I know, but nothing a little spray paint can't fix! I'll keep you posted on the details of this renovation!!

Up next...a bedroom reveal!! Can't wait to show you all the stuff I've been brewing up in our master bedroom on a budget!! So what do you think?


  1. It is so fun to see your projects! Makes me feel like I am not so far away.

  2. love the projects...creativity + budget..can't get better than that. oh the habitat and spray painting days at Windsor # 27..good times!

  3. I agree! Love these! Bring on the master bedroom pics pronto!!