Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Place to Lay Your Head....

And your husband's with his fighter pilot C-pap machine, and a snoring pup (see earlier blog post) who can't sleep in any other room because she "might get lonely." As promised here are the newly, cheaply, renovated bedroom pictures and the break down...

Please forgive me that there are no before pics :( You really aren't missing much, I can promise you! We had Adam's sleigh bed in the room, but it was simply too substantial for the room's size and 2 other dressers to fit. All the furniture is the same, with a little tweaking of placement, etc. as we will see...

I guess we'll start with the whole chabang and then break down the details....Here she is! Not by any means a professional photo (the curtains are crooked, my stuff is still on the floor) but I never claimed to be a photographer, just a humble DIYER.

We went with a gray, yellow, and rosy peach/poppy color scheme with lots of texture and pattern. I wanted to make a bold, yet soothing statement.

We began by changing the wall color from this:

A color similar to Behr "Ripe Wheat"

To this:

Behr "Porpoise"

I absolutely love how the color turned out and I would probably paint our whole house gray if I could convince Adam of the idea. Not likely considering that Adam would rather do absolutely anything in the whole world than paint. Is it that bad really?!?! On a side-note, I HIGHLY recommend the Behr paint and primer in one. It went on so easily and we only had to do 1 coat...thank goodness!!

We then went on the search for the perfect bedding. Adam and I both prefer to sleep with a down comforter without a duvet cover, which greatly cuts down on fabulous design choices. There are SO many beautiful duvet covers out there, but I just couldn't seem to wrap my head around the extra expense of having to buy a duvet cover and an insert only for it to be wadded up folded at the end of the bed each evening. Thus began the all out search for the perfect comforter or quilt. We ended up with this lovely and oh-so-soft "Ruffled-Circle" quilt from West Elm in Poppy. It literally feels like your grandmother's old quilt. Take another look...

I originally tried to find something else I could love equally, thinking it would be WAY to girly for my rugged husband, forgetting just how easy going he is. I drug asked him nicely to come into the store with me and he loved it just as much as me. Let me clarify love...It went something like "Whatever you want, can we please go home and take a nap. I'm going to get the car, don't EVER tell me how much it costs." He He! It was a little bit of a splurge, but I am definitely a firm believer in spending money on quality bedding that will last through multiple washings, stains, etc. And we saved tons of money on not having to buy a duvet insert.

I went with the gray Euro sham to tie in our wall color and used two textured white Euro shams that I already had. We also snagged this little beauty of a pillow for only $10.00 in the Poppy Color.

On to more detail. I had my heart set on having yellow accents and just couldn't seem to find ANYTHING that suited my taste. No fear nothing a little "Sun Yellow" spray paint can't solve. I took these lovely Goodwill candlesticks and transformed them into sunny little decorations for our dresser...

I took these $6.00 Kirkland's mirror and transformed them as well...

Then I found the finishing touch... this Dwell Studio for Target gray, white and yellow rug for the foot of the bed. And the best part was it was on sale for only $20.00!! I was thrilled. I have no idea why this thing was discounted...there is no damage and it's not on sale at trust me I didn't argue. I think it really ties the room together.

In the room shot...
Sits right at the foot of the bed. Again, please excuse the imperfections such as the wrinkled bed skirt and the fact that Macy REFUSED to move for the picture. She DOES NOT listen to me. Only to Adam. Here she is on her newly purchased bone bedding from BBB. (She needed new bedding too)...

She is CLEARLY not phased by my photo shoot attempt. She simply cannot be bothered to move off of her perch. 

This is the dresser that is opposite the bed that holds my spray painted candle sticks and jewelry. Be on the look out for a new jewelry organizer coming soon.

I also updated our night stand hardware from 1970's brass to much better brushed nickel finish. I am not sure who designed these beauties but ALL of the hardware was different lengths, thus preventing me from buying new ones that would all match....So what did i Do? Spray paint of course! (Are you tired of my spray painting yet?)
This isn't a real before...I forgot :(
Much better huh?
It makes such a difference to be brass free in at least one room of the house!

We rearranged the furniture to position the bed under our GIANT window and hung these Ikea curtains. For 2 panels in a package...WHAT A STEAL!! Plus they come with hem tape so you can customize the length!!

So here she is one more time!! (Yes i name/ genderize everything)

So i think this might be the most picture happy/longest blog post EVER! Hope you liked our bedroom tour! Leave a comment and tell me what ya think! Do you squeal with excitement like I did some people do? Or is it a little too much color for your liking?


  1. I LOVE that quilt! I have been admiring it in the catalog for quite some time now. Also, your wall color is awesome. I need to visit this adorable house of yours because I know it must be even more precious in person. Love you guys!

  2. TAY!! The room looks AWESOME. Get ready for when i move into my apartment next year, im gunna need your help! I LOVE IT. Also- the quilt is perfect. I love that pop of color, i mean why didn't we stumble across this quilt after our hour of searching for bedding!!! I love you, and great job!!