Monday, November 15, 2010

She's Got The Look...

There is so much to be said about a certain furry female in our home, and no, I am not referring to my un-shaved legs :) But really no words are necessary. Only photos could possibly describe our bulldog, Macy. Take a look at a typical day in the life of May, as we affectionately call her...

Approximately 90% of her day is spent doing this...

Yes, Those are Adam's clothes. She LOVES to be on our clothes. I absolutely cannot leave clean clothes laying around or they will be ruined with the lovely smell of pooch. 

And the close-up shot!
The rest of her day is spent doing one of the following things...

1. Staring aimlessly into nothingness. Looking Regal Though!!

Notice the Crossed Legs!! What a lady!!

 2.  Begging For Food/ Following me around the kitchen...

3. Begging to Get on the Couch (she's been recently banned!!!)

4. Snarling because I have upset her in some way. She can be very temperamental.

She doesn't like that I just cleaned her ear

5. Basking in the sunlight

As you can see, It's rough to be Macy :) Hope you enjoyed a Day in the Life of our pampered pooch!!

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