Friday, November 12, 2010

Mystery Solved...

While perusing my all-things-knowledgeable information source, formally known as Facebook, I stumbled across this link on a friends page leading to a very informative and eye-opening article. I'll spare you the complete synopsis and allows you to read this earth-shattering guide to the male psyche for yourself, but I'll just give you the cliff note's version for your laughing reading pleasure...

Article Title: "5 Ways to Understand Him Better"
                   (this should be interesting)

Basic Concept: there are medical reasons for why your man acts in inferior impossible to understand ways to us women. Basically the "functionings" of the male brain should cause us to be more sympathetic to the following scenarios...

1. His memory, or lack thereof
2. His lack of ability to pick up on obvious subtle hints
3. His out of nowhere silence in the middle of earth-shatteringly important conversation
4. His incredibly ADD upbeat energy
5. His "apparently you've been part of a different relationship than I have" memory of your past together.

And let me just put the icing on the cake for ya ladies...this article was written by a WOMAN!! 

I in no way mean to attack the male gender. I am the happy wife of a very loving and adorable husband who just so happens to to have some medical issues I was unaware of :0 Good luck out there ladies!

 Love you honey!!

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