Monday, November 8, 2010

The Pile

Really this title should be the "pile of crap". That is the pile of mildly important papers and small items that seem to expand at an exponential rate on my kitchen island. Without fail, every single day, there will be a pile. Most of the time said pile originates with me toting in all the junk important things from my car when I arrive home from work. The pile then grows further when the hubs brings in the mail and his pile of stuff from his car resulting in a very junky and majorly disruptive to my OCD self kitchen island.

I was determined to find a solution. Nothing fancy. Just practical. I needed some system to organize this pile into meaningful other piles (sounds redundant huh?) that could be sorted at a more convenient time (read, when I actually feel like doing such boring stuff). My solution, yet another craft!

Doesn't it just blow your mind??!! Ha. Simple, I know, but works for me!

I took a square basket that we got as a wedding gift that unfortunately wouldn't fit in my craft cubby organizer, cut down some file folders, attached some scrap book paper to half sized index cards, wrote a label and voila...a junk pile organizer on a dime. Here's a close-up of my ever so clever filing system he he!

Total Cost = $0.00
Mental Sanity Gained = priceless!!

So do you have a pile too??

1 comment:

  1. i love this idea. we totally have a pile. and it usually has everything from bills & coupons to princess stickers and magazines i think i'll have time to read.