Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up Take Two

TGIF!! Here we are again...the end to another exciting week in casa Kizziah. For you're reading pleasure, my weekly wrap-up:

1. Corrected 63 high-school students from Spanish body part disaster (see earlier post).

2. Primed and completed one coat of beautiful "old barn red" paint (or so i'm calling it) on my sewing table.

3. Successfully cooked 4 out of 5 meals this week for dinner...Southwest Chicken and Rice, Homeade groundbeef and pepperoni pizza, Chinese Chicken and broccoli, and breakfast casserole with potatoes (tonight).

4. Created some boo-tiful Halloween decoration to be shared next week.

5. Determined that I commute exactly 62.5 miles every single day to work :(

6. Realized that when it's "Pink and Denim" day (to celebrate breast cancer research) at school, it might be helpful to own something that is actually pink?! I am not sure how this phenomenon happened considering my closet is completely color coded and I do not at all have any opposition to the feminine flirt color?!

7. Made the hubby play the "guess what Taylor crafted today" game every night this week and would simply not settle for "I have no idea!" How do men manage to not notice when something has been done to their own house?!?! I mean I notice when a book or pillow has been moved. Am I OCD?!?

8. Spent $16.00 at the Dollar Tree. Have no idea what I bought, or how anyone could manage to just be browsing and find 16 different things that they absolutely need want.

9. Visited the Keystone Ace Hardware 3 times. They literally know me by name and we carry on full conversation like we are old friends. Okay, now I am beginning to think my life seems pretty pathetic in writing. Maybe I should terminate this whole blog thing?!?!?!?

10. Learned a very valuable lesson about spray painting while still wearing your wedding rings. Shhh...don't tell the hubs. I think I managed to remove all the evidence, but I may have shortened my life by about 10 years due to the stress.

What have you done this week? Happy Happy Friday!

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