Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sew What ya Think?

     God I love a corny title :) It's my guilty pleasure. I manage to spend a crazy small amount of time dreaming up such titles just for your reading pleasure. Today I bring to you a labor of love, my antique sewing table redo. I found this little beauty at a local yard sale a few Fridays ago. Must be a Florida thing, but people actually start yard sales on Friday here?!? Anyway, I saw it and decided I absolutely could not live without it, despite having NO idea where it would live in my house. But with a price tag of $4.00, I simply couldn't resist. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder because here is the horribly frightening before shot...

Not so bad from afar, but take a look at the up-close and personal shots...

Chipping front cabinet door = pain in the butt

An even worse rear-end!!
     Well I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I started by sanding the entire piece with my birthday sander :) Then I filled in the missing parts with wood filler. Let that dry and sanded the whole thing again. VERY time consuming, but it was looking better already.

     I unfortunately forgot to take any during pictures, but picture, primer (I used killz in the spray can) and then 1 coats of Bejamin Moore's Caliente which I painted on with a high quality brush.  I think used Benjamin Moore's paint extender/ miracle in a bottle mixed with the red paint for the final coat = no brush marks and really smooth finish.
     I really liked the color, but it still needed a little something more. I was going for the old barn look, so I decided to distress some of the edges with 220 grit sand paper, then applied a dark brown glaze which I brushed on with a foam brush and wiped off with an old t-shirt.
     I absolutely love how it turned out. Cue major picture overload! I loved it so much, I couldn't resist taking a million few pictures to show you all...

 And one last look at my cute little rustic table...

P.S. that's my twin sister and I hugging when we were about 4 years old! Cute huh?

     It is now sitting in my guest bedroom and functioning as a little nook to hold a lamp and pictures. After I finished, I decided to do a little research on my sewing machine. Turns out it was built in 1936, right before World War II. Pretty amazing for 4 smackaroos!! Oh, and it still works, just needs a new power cord! Overall I am rather pleased with myself for completing my second ever furniture renovation!

Hope you're having a glorious hump day!!

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  1. looks great taylor! i think almost anything looks good in red, don't you? it's such a vibrant and energizing color! thanks for joining my party!

  2. Taylor, I am ever impressed with your knowledge of refinishing. The table looks great and you will have alot of fun sewing on the old machine. LOL, G-mtr

  3. great job, Tay!! I love it to much!!! You are soo talented!!!