Monday, October 18, 2010

"Hey Jute"

     Please forgive the corny title, I simply can't resist a song title turned blog post, especially when it's so very applicable!! Plus who doesn't love the Beatles?

Back to the Jute! I have yet another obsession. Jute Rope. You saw me use it earlier on my first lamp shade redo, and I loved it so much that I decided I would create an entire lampshade out of this beautiful rope! Crazy, I know, but bare with me.

First, the dilemma was we needed a lamp for the office/craft room/Adam's man cave. This is the one designated area in our home that was supposed to be solely for Adam. And it was for a while, including a beautiful curio cabinet full of miniature tractors, and even a Mississippi State Bulldog wallpaper border. Yes wallpaper :( Though this wouldn't exactly be my idea of high fashion, it was his space, that is until I ran out of room in the other 7 rooms of the house. I mean a girl's gotta craft right? So needless to say the office decor remains the same, it's just now stuffed to brim full of crafting supplies as well.

I digress. We needed a lamp for the desk that would match the above mentioned decor (aka country comes to town). Since I heart a theme, and there was no turning back on this one now, I decided to just make my hubby a farm meets Mississippi State lamp. How you might ask? Well with a little maroon spray paint and a WHOLE LOT of jute!

No before shot of the lamp base can be found...but it was pretty simple. Already a red ceramic lamp that just needed a slight change in shade of red to match the bulldogs (should i say HIS bulldogs). The shade started like this...

Just your basic white pleated lamp shade. Not my cup of tea. I then removed all of the previous fabric and started my adventure with the hot glue gun and a WHOLE lot of rope. It literally took something like 200 feet of rope and an eternity to wrap, but still ended up being cheaper than purchasing a new lamp. And it's customized for my country cowboy, so it was definitely worth it. Here's the final product...

Doesn't it look cool with the little flickers of light poking out between the layers of rope? I just think it turned out as good as anyone could have hoped for considering my criteria was 1. country, 2. Maroon, 3. match current not-so-wonderful decor, 4. Please the husband who could care less about decorating!

Here's a view in the room (well what I will show you of our disaster area)...

 Nana nana boo diploma is bigger than Adam's :) he he! And just to add salt to the wound, I remind him daily occasionally that I still have a WHOLE other diploma still in the tube. That's right...2 degrees from a much superior university! Glory Glory to Ole Georgia, and Go Dawgs (the real ones)! Can you tell that I am a little competitive? It is a really good thing we didn't end up getting married on September 25th as we originally planned. It wouldn't have made for a very happy bride with regards to football. Enough Said!

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