Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack!!!

Hello long lost friends! I promise I didn't fall off the face of the planet, just disappeared to a little place I lovingly refer to as Gainesvegas (aka my home town) for the Holidays. After nearly 2 weeks of Grizwald style family bonding, the hubs and I are back to our wonderfully boring quiet home gearing up for another fun-filled work week. After today's first Monday back to work, I was definitely harshly reminded of why my body so prefers the 10 am wake-up call to the 5 am torture call :) 

With all that being said, I wanted to give you all a little summary of the shenanigans that occurred in my estrogen overloaded family during the Holidays (There are 10 girls, more if you include the dogs, and only 3 males). So without further ado, I bring you the top 10 funniest moments from the 2010 Holidays...

{1} Following in our Christmas Eve tradition, I frolicked upstairs to put on my matching pajama outfit (yes, we still get matching pajamas every year) only to catch a brief glimpse in the mirror and discover that my pajama top had quite the unsightly rip stretching from armpit to belly button. Needless to say, "Santa's Elf" was not G-rated!! Thankfully great minds think a like, and so after about 10 minutes of hysterically laughing, I simply went out to my car to pull out the identical pair opened from my grandmother only hours before :) 

{2} My adorable cousin, Peaches, and her friend discovered a hysterical Youtube video that they insisted on quoting every other second for the entire extent of my stay at home. The video is not exactly G-rated, so watch at your will....but if you so choose, please picture 2 teenagers parading around the house singing, "I aint got no candies for you, no cookies for you!"

{3} My husband dancing like a crazy person to Kesha's "tik tok" on the WII dance game at our neighbor's house that made me almost pee my pants. I seriously didn't think those moves were humanly possible, nor do I think that the makers of "You Can Dance 2" intended for a grown man to require an oxygen mask and a sweat rag upon completion of one level!

{4} My twin sister retelling my whole family the stories of our mom bribing us to go to her step-aerobics classes by feeding us double cheeseburgers and milkshakes in the back of the room while the rest of the 80's spandex-clad women "traveled"and "squatted"! It was absolutely hilarious complete with a remarkable imitation that would have brought out the Jane Fonda in all of us!!
{5} Anyone who knows my grandfather has most certainly been introduced to his wide array of musical "skills" including but not limited to the air horn, the air trombone, the thumb drum, and my most favorite, the whistle. You also must know that my grandfather does not easily back down from a challenge, thus brought on the Whistle War at the dinner table on Christmas Eve with my youngest sister. It was quite possibly the most scarring annoying experience of my life. We'll call it a tie since 99% of the family forced it to end before a real winner could be declared. 

{6} I was feeling so proud of all my massive amounts of Christmas shopping completed, wrapped beautifully, and delivered to Gainesville, only for my sister's fiance to open up his ski clothes from me and discover that they were sized Youth Large instead of Men's Large. The look on his face was absolutely priceless as he held up what could have been capri pants if he could have fit his leg into it. Better yet, I bought him a child's size beanie as well which wouldn't even fit my little cousin. Total Embarrasment!!

{7} My baby cousin, Georgia, professing her love of Kate Gosselin to me in the Car. Here's how the conversation went....
Georgia: I Love Kate Gosselin!!
Me: You do? That's interesting.
Georgia: Yes, I simply do not know what I would do if I got to meet her. I would be completely star-stuck Tay Tay! Like I might pass out.
Me: (Trying hard not to laugh) Well Georgie, I guess you would just tell her why you like her so much. 
Georgia: Where would I even start? She's a great mother, she's so beautiful, I love her show, in fact I can name all of her kids in their birth order! Kara, Maddie..... (and the list went on and on)
Me: hysterically laughing and left wondering why in the world a 10 year old would know who Kate Gosselin is, let alone be sooooo in love with her. 

{8} My aunt yelling my sisters name in a crazy British/Old lady voice every time she saw her or her name was mentioned.  I still have nightmares of her yelling "AAAAAANNNNNNIIIIIIIEEEEE"

{9} My twin sister, after a loooong evening, deciding that every description she gave for the rest of the night had to have 2 adjectives beginning with the same letter. Some of my favorites being, "bushy and boring" and "frisky and fabulous"!

{10} My 90 year old great-grandmother lifting my sister's shake weight over her head as my sister yell's , "C'mon Grahm, take it home with the tricep!!" You can't possibly imagine what the smallest, most frail and precious woman in the whole world looks like holding a provocatively shaped dumbbell over her head while shaking it and laughing hysterical.  Pure comedy at its finest!!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I'll be back with more projects and "that's what he said" this week!

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