Monday, July 11, 2011

Rome wasn't built in a day...

 But Walt's crib sure was. Well actually in one night, with one screw driver, one admiring wife, one super excited cousin, 2 annoying pups,  and one set of  working hands :) I heard horror stories about the crib building process; how long it takes, how complicated they are, how hard to maneuver, etc. However, we Adam had no trouble at all and it was completed in a matter of hours. 

Putting up the crib for some reason really made this whole pregnancy sink in. Even more than the ever-growing baby bump, strange appetite, and my ability to cry at the sight of a Pamper's commercial. We can't wait for baby Walt to get here and have a built-by-daddy crib to sleep in :) Here is our new crib with the proud hubs. It turned out to be really nice, and I am very happy with the choice even having bought it sight unseen. is such a great sight...they offer free shipping, and it arrived in 2 days!!

 Notice there is a little "practice" nestled snug in the new bed...

 That's Maggie! And she belongs to this adorable little helper who is more excited about baby Walt's arrival than any other family member! Love you Porgie!! Thanks for helping with the nursery!!

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