Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Name Game...

 After finding out that our baby is officially a B.O.Y., Adam and I decided that it was probably a good idea to start referring to him as something other than Nugget! Bringing us to the naming game. The whole process has been more than overwhelming to me and the hubs, and I never quite understood just how difficult it is to pick a name that you and your child will love For-EVER!! I hadn't let myself get attached to a name before finding out the sex of our baby, for fear I would get attached to one name, only to not be able to use it, so we definitely felt like we were starting from square one at 18 weeks. 

We had a few naming requirements going in...

{1} No calling him by his middle name- both Adam and I are called by our middle names, and it has caused lots of paper work problems, not to mention the ever embarrassing first day of class where the teacher calls out "Daniel" or "Frances"

{2} His name had to sound good with Kizziah- not an easy task to say the least. I am slightly relieved that he is not a girl because I have yet to put a girl first name with our last name that doesn't sound slightly inappropriate (as in street walker, etc. Go ahead- try it? Carly Kizziah anyone?)

{3} His initials couldn't spell a word or sound crazy - we ran into a few cases of ELK, WAK, get the point. 

{4} It couldn't be the name of any of my past students, our exes, obnoxious people in our pasts - this is quite difficult when you are a teacher having taught approximately 200 + students in the past 3 years.

So after a few weeks of debate, we finally revealed the name for our little boy...
Walters James Kizziah 
We went the traditional southern route, using a family name. We will call him Walt, and I just love the older more traditional name. Walters is my grandparent's last name and James is my grandfather's first name (affectionately known as "Big Jim"). We definitely wanted to honor one of the most important men in my life by naming the first boy in the entire family after him. He will have BIG shoes to fill as my Papa is one of the most generous, intelligent, fair, and steady men I have ever known. We shared the news with him on Father's Day, and we are so thrilled to have chosen the name for our little boy. I love you Papa...thanks for all you have done for me and my sisters, and for instilling in me so many important lessons that have helped shape me into who I am today. I am honored to name our little boy after you!

Me and Papa!
Grandmother and Papa

We can't wait to meet you, Walt! It really is true that once you know the sex of the baby and have decided on a name, you can really start to bond with him. I can picture taking him to t-ball games, being a soccer mom, and having my melt down the first time he brings some creepy crawly into my house.  I can also now address him personally as he kicks the crap out of me :) Gotta start early with the parenting...ha ha!!

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