Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 26 Weeks

Here's the next installment of pregnancy updates for those of you keeping up with this belly-growing journey...

How Far Along: I'm 26 weeks along (about 6 months)

Due Date: November 2nd, 2011

Size of Baby: Baby Kizziah is about the length of a Cucumber, or 14 inches. He weights about 1 3/4 pound now, and has fully developed ears. Supposedly he will recognize Adam and my voice when he is born. His boy parts are "developing too!"

Maternity Clothes: Definitely more comfortable in maternity clothes. Living in dresses and skirts these days. I am beginning to worry about the appropriateness of some of my wardrobe for work though :) It's all either too low on the growing chest, or too short due to the baby bump!!


Gender: It's a boy!!

Movement: He is kicking hard and seems to be totally spread out from right on top of my bladder to the very top of my rib cage. I actually saw my shirt move for the first time the other day. The "alien in my belly syndrome" has officially begun.


Sleep: Sleep is definitely a challenge when you have to use the restroom every 2 hours, on the dot! Still no major complaints, though I do wish he would get his kicks out during the daytime...doesn't he know mama needs her beauty rest?


What I miss: the use of ab muscles. Watching me get up from lying position is beyond hysterical. It's like they just disappeared all together.


Cravings: Nothing too much these days, just super thirsty. I still don't love eating dinner...sporadic nausea at night time.


Symptoms: Definitely feeling achy and moving slower. I am having pretty intense sciatic nerve pain in both hips which is quite debilitating at times. Also a little bit of ankle swelling after long days of standing. Bring on the cankles when I go back to work.

Best moment: Reaching the crucial "25 week mark" where Walters could technically be born at any moment and live!! Sounds crazy to think about, but very relieving at the same time.
Here's a growing belly shot for ya...

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