Saturday, May 7, 2011


Do you hear that peeps? We are making progress with pups!! Just look at this...

It's a touch, well almost, but definitely close to being a real touch, as in two animals close enough to touch if they wanted to!! For those of you who have never met my two wonderful pooches, let me just say there is definitely an alpha female in our presence. We call her Macy, or May May for short. With the new introduction of little brother Max, casa Kizziah went from calm Queen Bee palace to chaos in a matter of minutes. Complete with many growls, doggie time-outs (kennel time) and maybe even a scream or two from a nervous mom as I witnessed what was sure to be a doggie death in front of my very eyes. 

I am pleased to announce we are in the GREEN!! Our pups are getting along cohabitating quite nicely. They are even, dare I say, "playing"! Not sure you can quite classify what you are about to see as true playing considering out geriatric bulldog hasn't seen this much activity in years, but still it's quite entertaining for the rents to watch!

**Note of warning: please completely and utterly disregard the extreme ridiculousness of my voice in these videos. Do I really sound like that? Somehow I missed the memo that my camera records sound and am simply not tech-savvy enough to figure out how to mute it. Hence my public humiliation begins!!! **

Macy and Max "Playing" from Taylor Kizziah on Vimeo.

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