Friday, May 13, 2011

The Pregnancy Story...

 So I haven't really told too many people just how frustrating and dramatic actually confirming my pregnancy was, so here goes my attempt to re-cap the craziness for you and for my own memory...

In the middle of January I went to the doctor for my annual visit, and to just find a doctor here in Jacksonville. We discussed lots of things that I'll spare you the details of, but overall was a standard visit and everything was normal and fine. I absolutely loved the nurse practitioner that I saw and scheduled a follow-up visit to perform an ultrasound of my ovaries to make sure that everything was all good with me considering I had never had one and all of my family history. The plan was to call her and come in right after my "friend" visited in February (sorry boys, if you're reading). 

Anyway, around the beginning of February I started feeling really bad. Super bad headaches, super tired, and just really blah. I remember thinking to myself, "Something is definitely wrong with me. Wonder if I'm getting sick?" After a few days of that, I decided to take a pregnancy test. I still am not quite sure why this was my plan of action, considering it I wasn't even late yet. Woman's intuition? Who knows? 

Well you guessed it...a little pink line. I mean the faintest, smallest, nearly invisible, this can't be real, pink line. It was so faint that I immediately and frantically called my friend Jenn, who just so happens to live in our neighborhood and is a momma expert with 4 of her own, and told her she must come over immediately. I don't guess she questioned me, but could just tell that she needed to come. Within 5 minutes she was there to confirm that it was indeed a positive test. I think I was probably in shock, while she jumped up and down with excitement. I immediatly headed to the winn-dixie to buy every pregnancy test they had in the store. Literally. 4 different packages. And Guess What? All positive. 

I had no idea what to think or feel, but there I sat with 8 positive pregnancy tests, including the one that actually shows the words "pregnant." Let me tell you, that one is the scariest. I think I sat numb, crying, smiling, and going through every emotion in between for the next 3 hours until I decided to get up and cook dinner for when Adam got home. I was gonna try to play it cool, to tell him in some non-life-changing way (does that even exist?) at the right moment. That lasted a whole 2.5 minutes when he immediately knew something was wrong with me. I'm smooth like that. He harassed me questioned me until I reluctantly just handed him the pregnancy test. He cried, I cried, it was amazing and terrifying all at the same time. 
**Hang in there with me, this is getting wordy, I know**

I wish I could say it was that easy, but things never seem to be that way for me. I called my OBGYN and scheduled a pregnancy confirmation appointment for the next day. When I arrived, I proceeded to pee on yet another stick, but this time it was NEGATIVE. I couldn't understand this. I had just peed on 8 sticks and they were all positive. Weren't the doctor tests supposed to be even better than the home ones?!? 

She then sent me for blood work to test my HCG levels, the preggo hormone. We were looking for anything over 5 as a positive test. Two days later my results were 27. A positive test. But not quite positive enough for their liking. I was sent for a second round of blood work, hoping this time that my number would have doubled in 24 hours. My test came back at 86. It doubled, but not quite enough for them?!? Are we seeing a pattern here? 48 hours later I went AGAIN for blood work, and this time my levels were 529. Thank goodness. I could finally breathe and begin the long process of accepting that I was actually pregnant. I had my new OB appointment which lasted around 4 hours, had my first sonogram (the grain of rice picture), and met with the first of 4 doctors who may deliver baby Kizziah. Quit a whirlwind if I do say so myself, but certainly rewarding to hear that little heat beat for the first time.

For any of you wanna-be-mommies, moral of the story: wait 2 weeks before going for your pregnancy confirmation appointment. Save yourself a few needles poked in the arm, and a whole lot of stress! The doctors were actually amazed that I even knew to take a pregnancy test when I did, and completely shocked that I could have caught it so early, considering I was only 6 weeks pregnant after 4 weeks of testing and scheduling my first appointment 5 weeks out, when you are supposed to be at least 8 weeks. It turned out that it's been great though, cuz I have gotten two sonogram when normally you would only get one. 

And for those of you who have stuck around for this LOOOOONNGG post, here is the oh-so-wonderful belly shot. I am horrified, but Adam says it's adorable, so I'm going with that. ha ha

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