Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We're Ready For You Baby Walters!!

     Well today is the big day!! We are headed to the hospital in about an hour to begin the induction process. The doctors assure me that he is both big enough and mature enough to enter the world in the next 24-48 here goes nothing!! My next post will probably take me a while, and I promise to be sharing all the nursery details as soon as possible.

Baby Walters:

We have been praying for your safe arrival for many months now, and pretty soon we will go from a family of 2 to a family of 3.  I have never been so proud to complete any "job" more than carrying you safely for the past 9 months. Your daddy and I can't wait to meet you and know you. We already love you so much, that it's hard to imagine how much more joy and love we will feel in just few short hours. You are so worth all the not-so-fun pregnancy stuff, little man. Your daddy and I are ready for you to turn our world upside down!! 

Love your Mommy and Daddy!! 

And here's one more look at you inside mamma's belly...

36 Weeks

37 Weeks

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  1. I will say a prayer for the three of you! Congratulations in advance & welcome baby Walters! :)