Friday, August 5, 2011

Walters in 3D!!!

Today was one of the most exciting days of pregnancy thus far...our 3D/4D ultrasound!! We went to an amazing place called Discovery Ultrasound in Jacksonville. Allison, the owner and technician, was wonderful and I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone! My mom and grandmother were even able to watch live from their computers at home.

I was first of all simply amazed at modern technology, and also beyond excited to have a glimpse at what our son will look like in a few months. Not to mention the fact that it was super exciting to have a mental picture of him in my mind in a non-alien form. Makes those side-splitting kicks worth while for sure!! We think he is just perfect and we can't wait to meet him more than ever!

Here's what we found out about our little man today...

{1} He is in a head-down position!! His feet are up under my right rib cage and head down and to the left. 

{2} He is no doubt Adam's child! Take a look at the face below...all his daddy! Especially those cheeks!!  Kind of unfair considering I'm doing all the work here people!

{3} He has a really strong heart beat...168 beats per minute!

{4} He's still a boy...once again no shyness from Walt!!

{5} He stays awake, ALOT!! The technician was amazed at how much he kept his eyes open. Hard to tell in the pictures below, but the little black slits on his eyes are actually them open. 

And here are some of the best shot of the day...
Here he is yawning!!

Look at those cheeks...just like Daddy!

Here is a front shot of his chest/sternum. He's still a little scrawny (except for the cheeks), but we're hoping he'll get a little meat on his bones in the next 3 months!

Sweet little sleepy face :)
 We can't wait to meet you baby Walters!! Your mommy and daddy love you very much!!


  1. can't wait to get my hands on those chubby cheeks! it's so exciting to see him looking like a real baby!

  2. SO precious!! Oh what a little monkey booger! Cannot WAIT to meet him!!