Friday, August 27, 2010

Background Noise...

**Disclaimer** Please make sure your volume is turned up for this. What you are about to hear may scare small children :)

Yes...that is an animal making those ungodly noises. Please meet Macy, our 55lb English bulldog. Macy enjoys spending her days (and nights) doing nothing more than what you see here, literally NOTHING! Her physical activity consists of removing herself from her "blanket" by the bed to her spot by the couch, with a twice a day mini-sprint to her food bowl. (Side note...going for a run with a bulldog, especially OUR bulldog,  is not a good idea. I repeat NOT a good idea. Take my "almost killed my fiance's dog" word for it please!) She's not exactly the spitting image of beauty either, but she is Adam's little princess, and she has definitely grown on me too. 

The lovely serenade she provides us with sounds something like a mix between a 90 year old man and a pregnant woman's snore (I wouldn't know anything about an undercover recording of my mom 9 months pregnant or anything?), and I am convinced that if they made doggy oxygen tanks...she'd be a prime candidate! With that being said...I'm off to work, yes, at 6am :( Have a great day!

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  1. Haha. ok I figured out how to make the sound work (definitely operator error). Macy is so cute! Reminds me of how Miller snores... sounds like a human.