Tuesday, June 28, 2011


 Well most of you know by now that our little nugget is officially a "He." I am such a slacker and am just now posting this one day before my next OB appointment, which means it has been a whole month since we knew the news!
We couldn't be more thrilled and more shocked at the same time. I had subconsciously convinced myself that there was no possible chance that our little nugget could be of the male gender. You see I am from a family of ALL women...grandmother, mother, aunt, 2 sisters, 2 female cousins (Love you all!!), but somehow in my mind i thought the odds just weren't in our favor/ my body simply could not produce a male. 

Boy were we surprised!! After all of the measuring and multiple picture taking by the sonogram technician, we were all waiting in anticipation for the big news. After all we were packed in that little room like sardines, and I am convinced they purposely turned the heat on as I was sweating profusely. (You all know how much I luuuuvvvv to be the center of attention) When she finally showed this shot...

It was a done deal. No hiding the jewels from us today. Despite the obvious,  I still asked the tech if she was sure he was a he. She responded with this verbatim comment, "Honey, he's been showing me his junk (such a professional term) the whole time." I couldn't help but laugh and breathe a sigh of relief. I had myself so worked up about whether our nuggett would be healthy, have all it's body parts, even have a heartbeat, that I just felt all my emotions release at one time. No crying though. In my defense however, the only dry eyes in the room belonged to me and the tech (yes that includes my adorable hubby), so there wasn't much room for little 'ol mama here to shed any tears. But I was certainly relieved. 

Here are some more pictures of our perfect baby boy. I am happy to report he no longer looks like an alien blob!!

Here's his profile shot and a perfect little foot. According to my cousin Peaches, he has my "weird nose."

And here are his little legs and arms! We are getting so excited for him to get here!

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